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It's not your show...It's your legacy.

Is a Spotify Strategy In the Works For Your Show?

Recently, a client of mine with a very large following (you probably know which one) asked me to look into the wisdom of adopting a specific strategy for Spotify. In case you didn’t hear, mega-successful podcast host Joe Rogan signed a massive deal w/ Spotify ($100 million) to host his show exclusively on the platform for a set amount of time, the length escapes me at the moment.

My client’s reasoning is that since massive numbers of listeners will be now be heading to Spotify to listen to Rogan – since he won’t be available anywhere else come 1 Nov – they’ll undoubtedly want to consume more podcasts…especially since this client has been on Rogan’s show several times previously. If you’re more visible on Spotify, the thinking goes, they’re more likely to see your show and hit that “subscribe” button.

For this particular individual, this makes sense. For the vast majority of podcasters, it will not.

If your show is geared to a specific niche, or as a value-add for current or prospective clients, it’s not a good use of your time, IMO. Think of the typical Joe Rogan listener who will be on Spotify to listen to his show; do you envision them listening to your show? If not, then your best bet is to simply focus on putting out great content like you’ve always been doing; always looking to improve this, tweak that, etc.

Some may be wondering what the Rogan/Spotify deal means to them. He’s definitely an outlier; no one reading this is likely to ever strike any kind of deal w/ Spotify in their lifetimes.

Well, the deal means that podcasting as a whole is being taken way more seriously than it’s ever been. It means that if you’ve got a podcast, you’re doing a good thing. Keep at it, and keep getting better at it. If you had one, and quit for whatever reason, it’s a great time to get back on the horse and get going. Contact me if you want to book a 1 hr. strategy session to get going. If you’re considering a podcast and wondering if it may be a good fit for you, your business, your life, etc. again, contact me and we’ll see if it’s a good match.

My opinion is that 99 out of 100 times, a platform-specific strategy doesn’t provide a great ROI. The platform you want to focus on is your platform…your website, email list, app, what have you.

Spotify has their own agenda, and it’s not to make you money, nor to increase your download numbers. It’s a tool, one of many at your disposal.

Use it wisely.

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