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It's not your show...It's your legacy.

It's Not Your Show...It's Your Legacy

What makes Podcast Artistry different from all the other cats in town?

To start, it's owned and operated by the one and only, the indelible, the all-wise, all-powerful James Newcomb.

I'm a musician and artist at heart, and have been in the podcasting craft for over 6 years. When I felt the call to start a service helping established and aspiring podcasters with producing a high-quality show, I knew it had to be something only I could deliver. (Cue Steve Lawrence.)

Podcast Artistry didn't begin because of a conspicuous lack in the marketplace for podcast editing services. Far from it. There are a billion or so businesses out there that provide podcast production services. I know many of them personally who do outstanding work. In fact, if you're visiting this site and for whatever reason decide we're not a good fit to work together, I'll happily point you in the direction of someone who might work for you.

The service you receive here at Podcast Artistry won't be substantially different from anyone else - at least on the surface. What's unique is the mindset and philosophy we have when it comes to pretty much everything, including podcasting.

Art at a superficial level is a painting in a gallery, a symphony played at the concert hall, a sculpture in the park. At a deeper level, art is intensely personal. I dare say it is what separates human beings from all other animals. When tyranny rears its ugly head, it's the artist who has the courage to say the Emperor has no clothes, and even mock the Emperor for appearing naked in public.

Art points out what is beautiful in this world, even when it is wrapped in ugly packaging.

When this mindset is applied to a podcast, it becomes more than a simple marketing tool to gain a new client with whom you have a purely transactional relationship. Podcast Artistry is beauty, personality, brutal honesty expressed through the podcasting medium.

The approach to podcasting at Podcast Artistry is best summed up in the 6 Podcasting Principles:

  1. World-building
  2. Know your audience
  3. Be entertaining
  4. Master a niche
  5. Outstanding sound quality
  6. Community

(You can hear more about these Podcasting Principles on our FREE mobile app, click here for access.)

So while the nuts and bolts of publishing a podcast are basically the same on the surface, this is the approach we take at Podcast Artistry and use to advise you in the direction you should go with your show. Our goal is to enable you to produce a show that is unique to you (who cares about the other million podcasts out there) and that you're proud to share with others - even prospective clients with whom you wish to build a meaningful relationship.

I invite you to take a look at our offerings, and if you're ready to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, go ahead and do so.

To your success,

James Newcomb

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